5 Travel Tips

I was fortunate enough to be chosen by CollegeFashionista, as one of their Style Gurus, to be featured in an MTV article about my Spring Break travel outfit. You can find the article below! Since I find myself having to travel often, I want to share with you 5 tips to make traveling easier.

1. Layering. Layering is vital to me in a traveling outfit. The key is wearing light layers that you can easily add or subtract to your outfit depending on the temperature. Freezing on an airplane and not being able to do anything about it could ruin your trip. You could use one of the airplane blankets but, honestly, you never know where they have been. I think I rather be cold for a seven-hour flight than let one of those blankets touch me, sorry germaphobic over here. However, I won't judge if you take your chances with those mysterious blue blankets!

2. Wet Ones. Yes, I am a complete germaphobe. As soon as I sit down in my seat, I whip out my Wet Ones and disinfect the area. This area includes the tray table, seatbelt, armrest, even the window if I am sitting next to it. Anything that I may come in contact with, I disinfect. I learned this trick from an article a couple of years ago and I have been doing it ever since. It helps give me a mental sense of relief but it also stops the spread of germs. I'm totally down for travelling but not for getting sick!

3. Stylish but Comfortable. When traveling, I think being comfortable is the most important thing. You cannot exude confidence if you are always fussing with your uncomfortable outfit! My goal when traveling and everyday dressing is finding a balance between comfort and style. So wear a pair of sneakers and leggings but dress it up with a cool jacket, preferably leather ;).

4. Invest in a backpack. If you are anything like me function is as important as style. There is nothing worse than lugging a giant purse around the airport. That's why I use a backpack. Mine is from Coach; I think it actually might be from the men's collection but it is not only stylish but super functional.

5. Drink, Drink, Drink… water that is! Airplane cabins humidity levels are unnaturally low. So, before you take off, and during your flight, make sure to keep hydrated to lessen jetlag and avoid a headache.

MTV Dressing For Spring Break

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